Clever Tips in Giving Your Child Medicine

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Clever Tips in Giving Your Child Medicine

You should have remembered that awful taste of a thick, chalky, white medication your pediatrician routinely asks you to take whenever you have strep throat as a child. Guess what? We all sure did!

For some reason, children are reluctant to take their medicines may be because of the way it’s administered or the medicine’s flavor. If you are struggling to administer medications to a resistant child, here are four clever ways you can do listed to you by Emerge LifeCare, your trusted home healthcare agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

  1. Provide choicesWhile taking medication is not a choice for them, you can provide them simple options, such as how they want to take it – from a syringe or a cup. It also helps to give them a choice where they want to take it – at the dining table or sitting on the couch while watching their favorite cartoons.
  2. Avoid chokingTo avoid choking, be mindful of how much your child can swallow at once. According to providers of pediatric services in Georgia, you can divide the dose into smaller parts and administer them in an upright or seated position to prevent choking.There are special needs children with disabilities that you have to consider to administer medication safely and effectively. Make sure to get instructions from their pediatricians.
  3. Explain why it helpsIf your child is old enough to understand, take the time to explain why he or she needs to take the medication. They, too, can be motivated if they’re given incentives or rewards.
  4. Add flavoringCheck to see if a nearby pharmacy can add flavor to the prescribed medication like orange, cherry, or grapes. You can also let your child pick the flavor.

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