Teaching Wound Care to Your Child

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We love to see our children playing around and discovering the amazing world we live in. After some playtime, they gain ideas and learn new things. Unfortunately, these are not the only things they bring home with them. You may see cuts and scrapes of varying concerns as they return to you.

As parents, you would immediately treat the wound yourself or rush them to the hospital if the wound is serious. Another sustainable approach you can include in your care is to teach your child to take care of their wounds themselves.

Teaching wound care can be part of their self-care lessons. The following wound care tips can be taught depending on their age, maturity, and capacity.

  • Keep the wound covered with a clean dressing. Avoid getting it wet or hit.
  • Wait until you are allowed to shower.
  • Avoid soaking the wound in the bathtub. Avoid swimming or playing in the pool.
  • Keep distance from pets.
  • Do not pick or scratch scabs.

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