Why Do Some Children Suffer Anxiety?

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Despite their inherent cheerfulness, children can be beset with a lot of stress. This stress could come from different stimuli from their environments. Peer pressure and pressure from school are primary stress sources. Within the household, certain events that affect the family can put a lot of stress on children, who often don’t even understand what’s going on around them.

Doctors working in a Georgia pediatric program identify this lack of comprehension as a primary source of worry for little children. Children can suffer separation anxiety, for instance, when they start going to daycare. They don’t initially understand why their moms or dads leave them in an alien place. As a result, they become anxious.

Over time, however, children can outgrow these fears as they acquire more understanding. However, some children are unable to overcome certain fears that may have been inflicted upon them by life events. These events include:

  • Bullying
  • Loss of a loved one
  • The sudden transition from one place to another
  • Conflicts within the family that result in trauma

These fears could transform into long-term anxiety disorders in children. Kids with anxiety disorders could require intervention and pediatric services in Georgia. Professionals can perform interventions to them through counseling and psychotherapy.

Children can also suffer from anxiety because of medical conditions. If a child is receiving home care services for an ailment, for instance, he or she could become anxious throughout the healing process. However, compassion and attention to care can ease those worries as the child recovers.

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